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 Celebrate Without Alcohol.pdf

The Hoover Coalition Promoting a Safe and Healthy Community is a volunteer organization whose goal is to reduce youth drug and alcohol abuse. Our Coalition is co-chaired by Mayor Gary Ivey and Mr. Andy Craig, School Superintendent.

Underage drinking is a serious concern for our community and our student survey data indicates it's not just a teen problem, but an adult problem. In 2006, 45% of high school students reported they got alcohol from their home or a friend's home.

Some parents think that when they host an underage drinking party, it keeps their kids safe and off the streets. But the reality is that the risks often turn into tragedy. Not only is underage drinking against the law but parents take the chance that their child may drink, drive and die, and then the party's really over. With underage drinking, the setting could promote violence, sexual assault, addiction or even death.

Host an Underage Drinking Party. Pay the Price.